My Italian Treasure Box


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As an example, the first box contains:

  • A 10 page game booklet about the Colosseum including the construction of a unique paper model, customization of the gladiator tokens to use on the board game, and a 3D book that our guide Massimiliano has written about the Colosseum. Massilimiano has also made a video about the inside of the Colosseum to show more about this iconic monument.
  • Recipes for two typical Italian dishes of gnocchi with Sugo di Pomodoro (traditional tomato sauce) or caccio e pepe! Become Italian chefs by following the recipes and videos by our foodie sisters Benny and ValĂ©ria! They will use the Riga gnocchi we provide, which is produced close to Rome.
  • A Mosaic workshop designed with the help of Patrizio, our local artist who prepared all the kits! The family will choose a design and make a mosaic using local marble: travertine and a special traditional glue made with flour!
  • Our unique board game to discover Italy as a family by following a journey taht jumps from Rome to Venice and Naples! Who will be the first one to travel to all the cities and win?
  • Small surprises! Customization of the pouches and coloring stickers to make a wonderful folder!
  • In addition to the activities, the family can enjoy a 30-minute private chat with either a guide, a chef or an artist. They can be booked directly on the video page.
  • Shipping is possible to the USA and Europe, for other countries, please contact us